Who we are

Founded 2015 in Luxembourg, Techzone Translations S.à.r.l. offers high-quality translations and related services to language providers and end customers around the world. Our staff of young, energetic and dedicated translators and linguists consists of an in-house team and a network of international partners. Both the in-house team and our external partners have many years of experience in the translation industry, especially in the fields and industries served by Techzone Translations. For more information, please refer to our Services section. The team of Techzone Translations will gladly assist you with any requests. Just send us an e-mail.

What we stand for


Our workflow consisting of translations done by qualified translators and reviewed by separate native-speaking linguists ensures excellent quality and technical accuracy. Every translation is reviewed in-house before delivery.

Customer Focus

Adherence to customer specific style and terminology guidelines is an integral part of our way of working. During the actual working process, we pay special attention to the individual needs of our customers.

Global Approach

We’ve already worked with numerous customers from all around the world. Wether in Asia, Europe or the USA, we support your business with high-quality translation and localization services specifically designed to meet your needs.

On-time Delivery

Time is money. This is why we place value on keeping our deadlines. We use all efforts to keep our customers up to date and actively search for solutions in case of any issues.

How we work

Standard workflow for translation and transcreation requests

Step 1


  • Your text is translated by a qualified and experienced native speaker who takes into account your specific style and terminology guidelines. This also includes a comprehensive research of the corresponding subject matter.
Step 2


  • After the translation process, the text is reviewed by a second native-speaking linguist. Apart from spelling and grammar, the second linguist also thoroughly checks the translation for adherence to the customer's guidelines.
Step 3


  • All changes done by the reviewer are checked by the original translator. Both agree on the final translation using a meaningful dialogue. This also ensures a continuous improvement and development of our linguists.
Step 4


  • Depending on the respective request, the final check is either performed by the customers themselves or by our team. This includes e.g. a review of the localized and typeset text in terms of layout and text flow prior to printing.